Mastery Certificate: Cyber Defense Analyst  

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The first step toward your new job is Information Technology Fundamentals

The first course in the Cyber Defense Mastery Certificate is IT Fundamentals. In this course, you will learn Windows and Linux/Unix essentials, plus information systems auditing and compliance skills. All the basics to not only get a job in IT, but to successfully take the CompTIA A+ Core 1 certification exam. The best part of this offering is you will be qualified for a job in information technology after just taking one course!

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Once you have completed Information Technology Fundamentals, you will not only be ready for your first job in IT, you can move on to the remaining courses, Cybersecurity Foundations and Virtual Apprenticeship, where you'll learn these skills to get a job in cybersecurity:

1. Enterprise security management 

2. Computer forensics 

3. Cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) security 

4. DevOps and continuous integration 

5. Vulnerability and risk assessment 

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We are relentlessly dedicated to your success. That means providing accessible education-to-employment pathways to improve your current situation, future career, and lifelong economic mobility. The skills we teach are the skills employers are seeking. With hands-on learning  and a focus on applying and demonstrating in-demand skills, you and your goals remain our top priority.

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